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In the summer months ferrets should be slim & sleek, ribs and bones should not be showing and their coat should be soft and shiny.  Winter time the ferrets should well covered with a nice layer of fat.

However, they should not be overweight to the point where their tummies are like a rugby ball as this can put a lot of pressure on their back bone and may damage the spine. Their coats should be thick and fluffy. Your ferret should be free from fleas & lice. The judge will also look to see if your ferret is alert and wants to investigate its surroundings, also friendly and well handled as this is particularly important when judging kits. Ferrets have a natural odour and this should be present, they should not smell of shampoo. Points will be awarded for size, coat and attitude.


Teeth must be white and free from tartar, most ferrets just fed on biscuits may suffer more of a build of tartar their back teeth. This can be prevented by giving them food containing fur and feather [rabbit or pigeon, day old chicks or mince meat with added bone meal] or you can clean their teeth with a babies tooth brush & paste. Gums must be pink, if red and sore a trip to the vet is required.


Only the outer of the ear should be cleaned, never put anything down the inner ear as this may damage the ear drum. The best way to clean a ferrets ear is to wipe them with a good quality baby wipe, making sure you get into folds. Cleaning the ears gives you a chance to check for ear mites which are small white lice. Ferrets eyes should be clear and bright with no discharge.


This is something that a lot of people get wrong. Feet need to be clean and free from sores. Claws only need to be cut back if they start to over grow, if a ferrets foot is flat on the floor the claws should just be touching the floor. Too many people cut the claws too short, taking them up almost to the toe which can lead to an infection in the toes.

So when putting your ferrets in a show it is always best to check their feet and clip their claws a week in advance so that the claws have time to re-point. Checking for fleas, ticks and lice should be done regularly but clean their ears and check for lice again at the show. Feet should be checked on a daily basis. Teeth should also be checked and cleaned on a regular basis ensuring tartar is minimal.